Monday, 1 February 2016

vintage fair in oxford

For a few years now I have been picking up leaflets around Oxfordshire for Lou Lou's vintage fair, I have wanted to check it out each time however I just never managed to go. Until now!

I went to Lou Lou's vintage fair on Saturday 30th January with my mum, I wanted to show her Oxford City Hall/Museum because the building is beautiful, and I knew she'd enjoy mooching around the clothing and stuff.

As we walked closer to the city hall i could see among the busy city centre, cool outfits, boots, hats, sequins and denim gravitating toward the same direction to the fair. Everyone was dressed so sweet and carefree, scruffy socks, baggy tops and jackets, messy hair, perfect lipstick. I just wanted to hug everyone and tell them they're winning.

Mum and I circled the main room twice, playing with the textures and colours most appealing to our differences in style, buying a couple of things on the second time around. Endless tables of shiny wearable trinkets, golds, silvers and colours could have stolen hours of my time to search through them all for the perfect brooch, watch or necklace. Jewellery daydreams for another day.

I never brought any cash with me, however that did not matter as most of the stalls/tables had card machines. Card machines at a vintage fair?! How very dangerous for my bank balance. However this did mean I could purchase the dreamiest faux fur coat, of course I bought a faux fur coat, I mean... duh. I want Carol's coat, from the movie Carol, and as I am currently reading the book and besotted by the book and movie both, I'm feeling the big fur coat vibe atm. Purchased at the MOOCH stall.

At another stall, tables of sunglasses, Mum and I tried a few on, this was fun, we each chose a pair and left happy. Right by this stall I tried on a cooool hat, it was like zebra patterned and I wanted it but it was too expensive, the guy saw me playing around with it on my head and held up a mirror out of nowhere long enough for me to take a photo. He might have held it there all day if I hadn't told him thank you but I can't buy the hat.

Wondering out of the room back to the tops of the stairs leading to the entrance of the city hall, we walked across to the tea room that was going on for the fair. Long tables of hot drink sipping and cake eating, surrounded by the tallest walls with historical paintings. It was a little busy for us to chill in there for a coffee so we went on to the Art Cafe back out into the city centre.

While wondering through the high street, we were handed new postcards advertising the next Lou Lou's vintage fair in April. It seems like a great event with kind, creative humans, and I would be really sad if they stopped happening, I will probably go to the April one too and bring some friends.

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