Monday, 2 March 2015

Free Monday

I had an appointment today which was then cancelled, so I had the day off work and had a wonder around Witney with my mum. If we had found out earlier about the cancelled appointment we would have gone into London but oh well, next time!

I bought CDs so I can make more CDs for my car, pack of 5 for 99p thanks 99p store :D I got a new ice scraper because I snapped my other one, new sunnies from Claire's accessories sale!

Recently I have been making some jewellery, I have so many beads and buttons which my granny sends me in the post from Scotland every few years, they are amazing. The yellow omoji faces are not from her shockingly haha I bought those…

I bought some wooden letter beads today, I'm making bracelets and necklaces with words/names on e.t.c.

Oh yeah and I found this amazing glittery dress in Sobel House Hospice. It's so comfy and I love it, it is a maternity dress...

Shout out to my brother for handing me down these nikeys yesterday i love them so much even though they are too big, I wore them today and just walked kinda funny.

I fell in love with this coat at work  but I couldn't justify buying it for £30, then I went to my friends house and she had the coat and didn't want it so gave it to me :D so happy!!

Thrift finds from a couple of weeks ago.

HI :)

I have a new job now, but a couple of weeks ago I had a week off whilst I was in-between jobs after my Christmas temp job came to an end, anyway duhhhh I went charity shopping :)

Finally found a new perfect make up bag £2 from Helen & Douglas <3 how perfect is it :D

Cute little pin, also from Helen & Douglas, Witney.

Also a Jaeger velvet scarf it's like a burgundy maroon colour.

Then at the Blue Cross charity shop I met my mum there and bought this giant old-school tape measure.

Then my mum showed me this artists drawing person thing so I got this too :D I have been drawing and painting a lot lately, I will post some stuff I have been working on soon.