Tuesday 28 August 2018

Dream Wife BRISTOL, UK 2018

WOWWW :D What a show! Dream Wife are AWESOME :D An amazing gig surrounded by my friends and loads of awesome women at the front!!

I had the BEST TIME EVER at this Dream Wife gig oh my gosh it was crazy fun. There is a video I made at the bottom of the photos, sorry it's a bit wobbly I HAD TO DANCE.

I am still so excited that we were able to go see Dream Wife by finding tickets last minute right before the show and even some extra tickets so WE BROUGHT OUR PALS TOO :D

I had so much fun with so many excellent bad bitches! What a pleasure. I hope to see you again soon Dream Wife! :D

please click below to see my photography:

and click here to go to see Dream Wife on tour:


Here is the video I made of the show, I hope you enjoy!

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